Custom Hydraulic Valve Packages, Hydraulic Manifolds, and Integrated Circuits

Progressive Power & Control creates innovative custom hydraulic systems, such as:

  • Hydraulic power units (HPU) for industrial and mobile uses
  • Custom hydraulic cylinders
  • Custom manifolds
  • Custom valve packages
  • AC Servo motors - programmable
  • Radio Remote Controllers
  • Integrated circuitry

Our systems eliminate leaks and other traditional hydraulic design problems, creating clean, trouble-free systems that are efficient in function and design. If you have a production line need and can't find the right components to fulfill the need, contact Progressive Power & Control to discuss your needs.

integrated hydraulic valve manifolds built custom by Progressive Power & Control in Indianapolis, IN

custom hydraulic cylinders

Custom spool valves

programmable AC servo motors

programmable radio remote controllers for hydraulic systems