Poclain SmartDrive Controller
Poclain SmartDrive Controller

Poclain Block Valve
Block Valve

Poclain Exchange Valve
Exchange Valve

Poclain Freewheeling Valve
Freewheeling Valve

Poclain Anti-Slipping Valve
Anti-Slipping Valve

Poclain Trailer Brakes
Trailer Brakes

Poclain Brakes with Accumulator Charging Valve
Brakes with Accumulator Charging Valve

Poclain Steering Assist Brake
Poclain Steering Assist Brake

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Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulic Power Units

  • Open-loop Hydraulic Power Units
  • Closed-loop Hydraulic Power Units
  • Combined Hydraulic Power Units
  • Low Pressure Hydraulic Power Units
  • Large Hydraulic Power Units
  • Mini Hydraulic Power Units
  • Standard Hydraulic Power Units

Poclain Hydraulic Motors:

Progressive Power & Control is an Indiana distributor of Poclain Hydraulics products, including radial cam lobe piston motors, wheel motors, shaft output motors, and rotating case motors.

Poclain Hydraulic Pumps

PW Series High Performance Hydraulic Pumps

  • PW-85
  • PW-96

P90 Series Hydraulic Pumps

  • P90-55
  • P90-75
  • P90-100
  • P90-130
  • P90-180
  • P90-250

PM Series Hydraulic Pumps

  • PMV0
  • PM10
  • PM25
  • PM45
  • PM65

PL Series Hydraulic Pumps

  • PL1H
  • PL2H
  • PL3H
  • PL4H
  • PL6H

PMVO Axial Piston Pumps

  • PMVO-7
  • PMVO-9
  • PMVO-11
  • PMVO-14
  • PMVO-18

Poclain Hydraulic Valves

Open Loop Valves

Brake Valves

  • Emergency and Parking Brake
  • Service Brakes with Inching
  • Service Brakes
  • Steering Assist Brakes
  • Accumulator Charging Valves
  • Service Brakes with Accumulator Charging Valves
  • Parking & Service Brakes with Accumulator Charging Valves
  • Trailer Brake Valves

Power Transmission Valves

  • Anti-slipping Valves with TwinLock
  • Freewheeling Hydraulic Assistance Valves
  • Exchange Valves

Custom Valve Blocks

Poclain AddiDrive Assist

Vehicles that transport agricultural products such as logging trucks, milk tank trucks, etc. frequently have to drive off-road to pick up their loads to deliver to market. AddiDrive™ improves traction in on-road vehicles when forced to traverse unpaved roads while having no affect on "on-road" travel. AddiDrive creates off-road capability by transferring drive power to the steering axle.

Poclain CreepDrive System

The CreepDrive system is a mechanical-hydraulic transmission hybrid used in vehicles that travel at normal speeds and work at low speeds, such as street sweepers.

Poclain SmartDrive Electronics

  • SmartDrive CT
  • SmartDrive Easy Plus
  • SmartDrive Auto

Electronic Components

  • Joysticks
  • Pedals
  • Displays
  • Sensors
  • Conectors
  • Cables
  • Software - Phases and Display Install