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KTI Hydraulics - AC Hydraulic Motors

AC Hydraulic Motors

KTI AC motors are designed for continuous and heavy duty work loads in commercial and industrial installations.

KTI AC hydraulic motor

  • 115v/230v single phase motors
  • 230v/480v three phase motors
  • Up to 3 horsepower.
  • Ranging from 1750 to 3450 PRM
  • 5/8' diameter keyed shaft

KTI AC Motor Models:

  • ODP Model: Open Drip Proof is best used in relatively clean environments. Excellent for pump use.
  • TEFC Model: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled. Best in wet, dusty, corrosive environments. Excellent for pump use.
  • EP Model: Explosion-Proof class motors are designed for hazardous environments that may contain explosive gases or materials.