Hy-Pro Hydraulic Filters

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Progressive Power & Control sells Hy-Pro absolute interchangeable hydraulic filters and housings, Hy-Pro "Vac-U-Dry" vacuum dehydrators and the full line of Hy-pro hydraulic filtration products.

Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydrator

  • For removing moisture and contaminants from hydraulic fluid
Hy-pro VUD vacuum dehydrator for removing contaminants from hydraulic fluid
Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydrator

Hy-Pro Turbine Oil Coalesce Skids

  • Remove free and emulsified water
  • Particulate filtration
Hy-Pro Turbine Oil Coalesce Skid

Hy-Pro Filter Assemblies

  • High Pressure Return filters
  • Off-line
  • Spin-on applications

Hy-Pro Filter Elements

  • Hy-Pro G6 Dualglass upgrade replacement elements cover the global spectrum of filter OEMs.

Hy-Dry Breathers

  • Hy-pro breathers remove water and particulate contamination as from the air that systems breathe.

Hy-Pro Transmission Kits

  • Hy-Pro transmission kits are a direct replacement for the Allison World Transmission kit

Hy-Pro hydraulic filter interchanges are available for:

  • Allison Transmission filter interchanges
  • Argo hydraulic interchange filters
  • Baldwin hydraulic filters
  • Cincinnati Milicron hydraulic filters
  • Commercial Filters interchange
  • Cuno hydraulic filters
  • Donaldson hydraulic filters
  • EPE hydraulic filters
  • Fairey Arion interchange filters
  • Filtrete hydraulic filters
  • Filtersoft filters
  • Fleetguard interchange hydraulic filters
  • General Electric hydraulic filters
  • Hilco hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Hycon filters Hydac filter elements
  • Internormen interchange hydraulic filters
  • Kaydon filter interchanges
  • Mahle hydraulic filters
  • Moog filters
  • Norco filters
  • Pall filters
  • Parker Hanafin hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Porous Media hydraulic filters
  • Purolator filters
  • PTI filters
  • Schroeder hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Separation Technologies hydraulic filters
  • Stauff filters
  • Textron filters
  • Vickers interchange hydraulic filters
  • Western filters
  • Westinghouse filters
  • Zinga hydraulic filter interchanges

Hy-Pro Diesel Fuel Conditioning Skid
Diesel Fuel Conditioning Skid

Hy-Pro Duplex Filter Assembly
Duplex Filter Assembly

Hy-Pro Electrostatic Contamination
Hy-Pro Electrostatic Contamination Removal

Hy-Pro Inline Filter
Inline Filter

Hy-Pro Low-pressure Filter Assembly
Hy-Pro Low-pressure Filter Assembly

Hy-Pro Lube Oil Varnish Filter
Lube Oil Varnish Filter

Hy-Pro Phosphate Ester Filter
Phosphate Ester Filter

Hy-Pro Spin-on Filter Cart
Hy-Pro Spin-on Filter Cart