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Yuken Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Control Valves

These Yuken multi-valves are poppet type compound valves with 4 poppets in main valve for flow control, directional control or pressure control. This energy-saving, space-saving design allows you to reduce the size and energy costs of your machines. These valves are reliable and easy to change over due to no valve overlap of poppet valves. Shock reducing valves offer shockless poppets for smooth start/stop of actuator and less vibration in hydraulic piping. Regenerative circuit design allows you to use a smaller pump, also saving on power consumption. ISO standard mounting and interchangeable valves.

Manufacturer's catalog

Yuken multi-purpose hydraulic control valve model DSLHG

These multi-function valves serve 3 purposes in one package: A flow control valve, directional control valve, and a check valve (pilot operated).

Model numbers:

  • DSLG-01-3-O-R100-N-1190
  • DSLHG-04-1-A100-13
  • DSLHG-04-1-A100-N-13
  • DSLHG-04-1-E-A120-13
  • DSLHG-04-1-T-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-04-3-T-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-04-4A-B-T-A120-1390
  • DSLHG-04-5A-ET-A120-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-1-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-A120-13
  • DSLHG-06-3-A120-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-A120-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-A240-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-D24-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-D24-N1-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-A100-C-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-A120-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-D24-13
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-R100-13
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-R100-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-E-R110-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-ET-A120-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-T-D24-1390
  • DSLHG-06-3-T-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-4A-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-06-4W-T-A120-N-1490
  • DSLHG-06-5A-A200-13
  • DSLHG-10-1-E-A120-1390
  • DSLHG-10-1-T-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-10-3-A120-1390
  • DSLHG-10-3-D24-N-1390
  • DSLHG-10-3-T-A120-N-1390
  • DSLHG-10-3-T-D24-N-1390