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Yuken Logic Valves

Yuken Logic Valves are placed in manifold blocks for directional control, flow rate control and pressure control. The cartridge valves include covers with pilot passages and can be used to create compact hydraulic power units and integrated hydraulic circuits with minimal internal leaking and no threat of hydraulic lock. The poppet type cartridge valves support high speeds, pressures and flow rates. They are shockproof and provide low pressure drop, shockless shifting, reduced piping vibration and noise. ISO standard cavity specifications.

photo of Yuken logic valves - LD series, LDS series, LB series, LBS series

Yuken LD series Directional & Flow Control Logic Valves

Two-way directional valves operated by pressure signals from the pilot line to open/close hydraulic circuits. These multifunctional valves can control flow direction, flow rate, or both. Manufacturer's catalog

Yuken Directional Control / Directional & Flow Control Logic Valves

Model Numbers:

  • LD-100-05-11
  • LD-100-05-S-X05-12
  • LD-16-05-1-12
  • LD-16-05-12
  • LD-16-05-S-1-X-05-12
  • LD-25-05-1-12
  • LD-25-05-12
  • LD-25-05-S-1-X-05-12
  • LD-25-05-S-X-05-12
  • LD-25-05-X05-12
  • LD-25-20-1-12
  • LD-25-20-S-3-X08Z108-12
  • LD-25-20-S-X05-12
  • LD-32-20-S-1-X16-12
  • LD-40-05-S-1-X16-12
  • LD-40-20-12
  • LD-40-20-S-1-X12-12
  • LD-40-20-S-1-X16-12
  • LD-40-20-S-1-X20-12
  • LD-40-20-S-5-X16Z116-12
  • LD-50-05-S-1-X05-12
  • LD-50-05-S-1-X12-12
  • LD-50-05-S-1-X15-12
  • LD-50-05-X05-12
  • LD-50-20-1-X25-12
  • LD-50-20-12
  • LD-50-20-S-2-Z118X18-12
  • LD-50-20-S-3-X18-Z118-12
  • LD-50-20-S-X18-12
  • LD-63-05-12
  • LD-80-05-S-X20-11

Yuken LDS series Solenoid Operated Directional Control Logic Valves

A combination of a directional control valve and a solenoid operated directional valve in one unit, these valves control the main hydraulic circuit direction. Manufacturer's catalog

Yuken LDS solenoid operated logic valve for directional control

Model numbers:

  • LDS-25-20-S-4-0-14
  • LDS-25-S-6-D24-14
  • LDS-32-05-2-X05-D24-14
  • LDS-40-20-1-0-14
  • LDS-40-20-1-A120-14
  • LDS-50-05-1-P20A16-D24-13
  • LDS-50-05-S-1-0-13
  • LDS-50-05-S-1-D24-13
  • LDS-50-20-S-1-D24-13
  • LDS-50-20-S-2-P06-B06-D24-N-15
  • LDS-63-05-1-A100-13
  • LDS-63-05-S-1-P20A16-D24-13
  • LDS-63-20-1-0-13
  • LDS-63-20-S-1-0-13

Yuken LB series Relief Logic Valves

Relief logic valves relieve and control excessive pressure from hydraulic lines to keep pressure at steady levels. Also capable of unloading with the use of vent lines. Manufacturer's catalog

Yuken LB series relief logic valve photo

Model numbers:

  • LB-25-Z1-10
  • LB-32-11
  • LB-32-V-Z2-11
  • LB-50-11
  • LB-50-Z1-11

Yuken LBS series Solenoid Controlled Relief Logic Valves

These combination control valves are comprised of a solenoid-controlled directional valve, a pilot relief valve, and a vent restrictor in one convenient unit. Manufacturer's catalog

Yuken LBS series solenoid controlled relief logic valve photo

Model numbers:

  • LBS-16-V-4-A100-13
  • LBS-25-2-A100-N-14
  • LBS-25-2-D24-N-14
  • LBS-50-1-D24-13
  • LBS-50-2-D24-13
  • LBS-50-V-4-A100-14