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Yuken Standard Hydraulic Power Units

These Yuken energy-efficient hydraulic power units are designed from the ground up with energy saving in mind. These inverter-driven systems offer energy savings of up to 40% over what is used by traditional hydraulic systems. Outfitted with variable displacement pumps, these power units and Yuken Energy-Saving Controllers control rotational frequency using an inverter, eliminating the energy losses normally associated with induction motors. Load pressure is detected by a pressure sensor and the motor rotation is controlled at the proper level to hold pressure. Low noise is a natural benefit of energy-efficient hydraulics. Yuken's hydraulic power unit catalog

Yuken YM-e Pack

Energy-saving hydraulic power unit equipped with variable displacement vane pump.

Yuken YM-e Pack hydraulic power unit with vane pump

Model Series:

  • E–YM8–A–2–*–30
  • E–YM8–B–2–*–30
  • E–YM16–A–2–*–30
  • E–YM16–A–2–*–30

Yuken YA-e Pack

Energy-saving hydraulic power unit outfitted with AR series or A series variable displacement piston pumps.

Yuken YA-e Pack hydraulic power unit with piston pump

Model Series:

  • E–YA10–B–6–*–41
  • E–YA10–C–6–*–41
  • E–YA10–C–10–*–41
  • E–YA16–B–6–*–41
  • E–YA16–B–10–*–41
  • E–YA16–C–6–*–41
  • E–YA16–C–10–*–41
  • E–YA22–B–6–*–41
  • E–YA22–B–10–*–41
  • E–YA22–C–10–*–41
  • E–YA37–B–10–3.7–41
  • E–YA37–B–16–*–41

Yuken YF Pack - Space-saving Hydraulic Power Units

Integrated units with electric motor, piston pump, and reservoir offer a compact cubic design with no oil leakage (pipeless), low noise, and energy savings. The low temperature operation reduces thermal radiation and heat distortion.

Yuken YF Pack hydraulic power unit

Model Series:

  • YF10–B–1–0.75–H–**–20*
  • YF10–B–1–1.5–H–**–20*
  • YF10–C–1–1.5–H–**–20*
  • YF16–B–1–1.5–H–**–20*
  • YF16–B–1–2.2–H–**–20*
  • YF16–B–2U–2.2–H–**–20*
  • YF16–B–2S–2.2–H–**–20*
  • YF16–C–1–1.5–H–**–20*
  • YF16–C–1–2.2–H–**–20*
  • YF16–C–2U–2.2–H–**–20*
  • YF16–C–2S–2.2–H–**–20*

Yuken YP Pack - Low Noise Compact Hydraulic Power Unit

These small hydraulic power units are designed with upright PAL pumps and a reduced reservoir size with drain cooler. Low noise and vibration. Cool operation is achieved by the drain cooler and radiator fins, minimizing heat distortion.

Yuken YP Pack small hydraulic power unit

Model Series:

  • YP10–B–1–0.75–22
  • YP10–*–1–1.5–22
  • YP16–*–1–1.5–22
  • YP16–*–1–2.2–22
  • YP16–*–2–2.2–22
  • YP22–*–2–2.2–22
  • YP22–*–3–3.7–22
  • YP37–*–3–3.7–22
  • YP37–*–3–5.5–22

Yuken AC Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Pump Control System - Intelligent Hydraulic Servo Drive Pack

This digitally-controlled, software driven system combines the piston pump, hydraulic control circuit, and reservoir with an AC servo motor in one convenient package and can control the servo motor revolution speed as well as discharge and pressure. When combined with a cylinder (sensor-equipped) and a separate controller, this unit can be configured to control position, speed and pressure. It is low-noise, energy-efficient and compact.

Yuken YSD intelligent hydraulic servo pack

Model Series:

  • YSD1–*–09
  • YSD1–*–13
  • YSD2–*–18
  • YSD2–*–29
  • YSD2–*–44
  • YSD3–*–55
  • YSD3–*–75

Yuken Y series Hydraulic Power Unit Part Numbers

  • YA10-B-4-0.75-41
  • YA16-B-10-2.2-41
  • YA16-B-6-2.2-42
  • YA16-C-10-5.5-41
  • YA16-C-10-7.5-41
  • YA16-C-10-7.5-43-OP
  • YA16-C-6-3.7-41
  • YA16-C10-7.5-43-OP-01M2T3VMg
  • YA22-C-10-7.5-10
  • YF10-B-1-1.5-20
  • YF10-B-1-1.5-H-M-20
  • YF10-C-1-1.5-H-11-505-20
  • YF10-C-1-1.5-H-11-LT-20
  • YF16-B-1-1.5-20
  • YF16-B-1-1.5-H-MLT-20950
  • YF16-B-1-2.2-H-13-20
  • YF16-C-1-2.2-V-12-LP-20
  • YF16-C-2S-2.2-H-12-20950
  • YF16-C-2S-2.2-H-ML-20953
  • YF16-H-2U-2.2-H-13-20953
  • YF16-H-2U-2.2-H-20953
  • YM16-B-2.2-2-30
  • YM8-B-2-1.5-30
  • YP10-B-1-0.75-22
  • YP16-B-1-1.5-22
  • YP16-B-2-2.2-22
  • YP16-C-1-2.2-22
  • YP16-C-2-2.2-22
  • YP22-B-2-2.2-22
  • YP22-C-3-3.7-22